01 April 2010


“ Throw the Seed into the fertile land in right time...
Just Nurture & cultivate it with love and passion...
Let it sprout, allow it to grow as a plant...
Wait for the Season of blossoms...
Let us wait for the fruit to ripe...
Be patient for the right time to harvest your yield..”

“ Provide Good environment & protect the tree year after year...
Let the Tree be there for the forth coming generation as well .”

Our Motto is -

“Invest Small and Harvest Big”

So that, One can live in peace and save lot of money that one waste in trading as a brokerage in intraday or frequent buy & sell. The investors are always safe (provided they invest in the right scrip) and their 'money makes money' for them.Here, one can enjoy a quality of living and retire in young age and explore the other side of life…peace,love, compassion and so on.

"The best protection against inflation is your own earning power. If you are the best teacher, you will command earning power and get your share of the national economic pie, regardless of the value of the currency. The second best investment is in a good company."
- Warren Buffett

Services We Offer Are :-
Long-Term Investment Tips – “Retire Young”
Bank Nifty Future Tips (Intraday & positional Tips)
Nifty Index future PMS for Institutions

Workshops We Conduct Are :-
Psychology of Wealth Creation
Basic Introduction to Share Market
Advance Technical Analysis For Traders
‘Super-Learning and Memory Skills’ –For Students

Mail Us:- for getting our 'Power Point Presentation' which has all details about our plan/strategy.One can easily understand it. Our Email id- atmoaiswar@yahoo.in

Dear Wealth Aspirants,
We Love to have you on board.

Sub:- Regarding the investment plan- “Retire Young”

We would like to introduce ourselves as an upcoming Wealth Service provider. Our prime focus are providing Investment advice to the investors in the ‘Indian Stock Market’ and also conduct courses in advance ‘Technical Analysis’.

We do a through ‘fundamental and Technical Research’ on the Equity segments and provides one tip every month. These scrips are purely for investment purposes (short term and long term) and you can carry your stocks as many years as you wish.

“ Retire Young ”

In our today’s world many youngsters are getting job placement while they are in the campus...while walk out from their academics they are safe and placed well in the best corporate of the world and earn a handful sum. These youngsters are fascinated towards buying new gadgets, cars, and flats and so on. They simply start using credit cards and start buying things beyond their affordability since the loan is available…finally they end up with lot of debts and work hard to pay their debt in EMI and soon they will be exhausted physically and mentally. (They are working for their banks indirectly and paying its Compound interest.)

We are keen in helping these youngsters and showing them a right path. Hence, 'Retire Young’ plan came into existence. One can work hard at young age and save lot of money and also multiply their money in a systematic investment plan as we suggest. If one follows us... Soon one can retire from the routine exhaustive work.

What Is Our Specialization?

  • We Discover The Stocks that shows a sign of massive growth up to 2000% in the next few months to years. We Choose ‘The Best Stock’ From over 3000+ stocks.
  • We do a through ‘Fundamental & Technical Analysis’ and select the best one for you to invest and multiply your money.
    The power of compounding will give you massive return for your small investment.


  • We Identify the ‘Potential Multi-bagger companies’ and recommend the same to our clients to buy, well before the FII’s or DII’s enter in it.
  • We will give you, monthly one script.
  • We have our own Software Tools, that was developed by over a decade of experienced professionals in stock market. This will make us to LEAD Better and make our clients to create WEALTH