14 March 2011

When to invest? Now is the time to Invest?

As each one among us are still in a dilemma. The indian market will move up from here or move down? it is a big question is not it? This really put as aside not to make any decision firmly for steping into investment.
Here, We would like to make you to understand one thing in the stock market is- It is always tend to move up and down.As a 'Intelligent Investor' we need to look out opportunity in all corner and invest wisely.As a long time investor's you can invest now as many scrips are available at low price(Only-The Value stocks). The recent past when the market fell down near 5200 level, we bought few scrips (half qty only) and now all those gone up nearly 30% up.We consider it is a good return for investment (ROI) in a short duration about a month.No avenue of investments can yield this much, as we compare with investing in good company scrips.We too understand identifiying good scrip may be the another question in all your mind.We are here to do research and guide all our clients better.
Note:-The "SEED" investors can hold all our seed scrips till our desired target is achived.The march month seed will be announced in our webinar on 18th-March.