30 June 2011

Investing in Stock Specific

If , you see in our stock selection criteria we have many parameters that filter the risk of our investments in a particular stock. How ever we avoid risk in market the global economy have direct impact on our market. When the market come to a state of correction all stocks are tend to fluctuate as per market. Mainly the Blue-chip stocks will go down drastically. So we never recommend Blue chip companies in a high price. We used buy this stocks when we see the prices go's down below 50% from its year high. When we buy in dip we also analyze many factors, Like the sector/product the companies are involved in. We usually avoid Reality, Sugar industries and IT-stocks. We always intended to discover the stock, that become the blue chip company of the future course of time. So that, one can get maximum juice from it, like growth,bonus/stock split and dividend etc.The Power of compounding is what we really meant here. The company Like Reliance.Infosys,Wipro and so on, the Juice is already drunk by the investors who invested long ago.

One more facts they say is “The Elephant can not fly” The blue-chip companies are like an elephant and which can not fly high. Only eagles can go up and fly high. Our selected stocks many times gone up beyond 600% within a year.The selection of our stocks used to be a Virgin stock .We are also, very particular about the Products/Sectors the companies are involved in.We do a through products life cycle analysis.The products are only going to yield the profit for the company and that is what going to be shared with the shareholders. What ever products it may be,the investors need to foresee the future demands/prospects.

For example-The Food processing industry has bright future prospects.We recommended the 'Jubliant Food' long ago now it is trading more than 300% level from our buying cast.The other such "Industry is Power' Producers.

A investor, who has long vision of creating wealth can buy the stocks recommended by us, and hold it for the future without any hussels.One need not to worry about the day to day market up's and down's. Once bought the scrip,Just hold it for the target or hold it even ten years or beyond.That will give you a massive return for your small investments.Just go through our power point presentation. Which has all the facts about stock investing and creating wealth for your self. If you have not received our ‘PPT’ just mail us to get the same. Let us be together to make many millionaires in our nation that is our vision.