Stock Selection

How to retire like Jim Rogers at the age of 37?

‘The money making technique requires a plan,
  self-discipline and desire’.

For investors to succeed in the market, it is not geniuses which matters but it is a financial plan. If you are serious about making money you will have to know how a plan helps you to make big money.

Jim Rogers is one of the most successful investors of our lifetimes. Starting out in his twenties with $600 in his pocket, he “retired” at age 37 with more money than anyone could possibly spend. Jim Rogers is an author, financial commentator and successful international investor. He has been frequently featured in Time, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Barron’s, Forbes, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, and most publications dealing with the economy or finance. After attending Yale and Oxford University, Jim Rogers co-founded the Quantum Fund, a global-investment partnership. During the next 10 years the portfolio gained 4200%, while the S&P 500 rose less than 50%. Rogers then decided to retire – at age 37. Yes it is an amazing feat.

We are inspired by these investments legends - like Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Peter Lynch, John Templeton and follow their principles in investment.We do adapt the wisdom quotes&principles of many investors, who already made huge money in stocks.Our own Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is one such person we follow.

Our Stock Selection Rationale:-

§ Rate Of Return

§ Future Prospects Of The Company/Industry

§ Quality Of Management

§ Monopoly Position

§ Net profit Margin(NPM)

§ Average Net Profit Margin

§ Current Return On Equity

§ Average Return On Equity

§ Current Return On Assets

§ Average Return on Assets

§ Cash Flow Analysis

§ Compounded Annual Growth Rate

§ Promoter's Equity Growth vis-a-vis Net Profit Growth

§ Price to Book Value Ratio

§ Current Market Price + Net Current Assets Value

§ Interest Charges Covered

§ Promoter and Institutional Holding Levels

* We do not recommend few sector's/industry's stocks where there is no future prospects or the risk is too high.Like wise we filters so much before recommending a scrip unto our clients.

Above all, we do the complete management study about the particular organisation and its business model / product anlysis and also see the brand equity of the particular company and its future demands/growth rate.

We mainly give more focus on a virgin stocks , where the investors can benefit maximum by the power of compounding.(Divident,Bonus,Stocks spilit etc.).The stocks which shows 100% to 2000% in next few months to year's.

So,What are you waiting for!!. Just become our subscriber and be a winner and achive your dreams.

Why should you invest regularly ?

If one want to be successful in any facet of life-One thing which is most important- ‘Discipline'. Weather you want to be good entrepreneur, good student the discipline is must. Investment is no exception to it.

India is the country of saver and we save almost 30% of our income. This saving is one of the highest in the world.No Nation / its people has the habit of saving this much as we do in india. Thats what saved us during the recession time.Even many Govt's gone bank-corrupt but, we are not. 'Savings is our strength'. The 'wise people not just save;but Really Invest '

One that your investments gets the maximum time and hence power of compounding working best for you.

The other purpose regular investment solves is that it makes sure that you don’t over- spend. You must of observed that when you go to the shopping mall, many times you buy what is not planned or something which attracts there and we become an impulsive buyer. This happens only when there is an excess balance lying in bank account and then it become very easy for anyone of us to swipe the card and buy. Many a times, we buy items which are not necessary for us but just become there is Saved money with us, we tend to over-spend

As we are providing multtibaggers investements tips for long term...We do face many questions from many people.

The majority ask us, is it the right time to invest? Will it double in short term?(1-4 months). if stock prices comes down what shall we do? can i get income every day?

We attempt to answers such kind of questions here:-

Q1- Now Market is in its peak , is it right time to invest? or
if correction comes what shall we do?

The real investors need to
'Buy business,Not Stocks '.


If you buy 'infosys' stock today and when you see a stock price falling down 5-20% instantly you fear and start selling to safe-guard your money. This is not value investing.When you invest in a company you have to analyse well before investing ,not after.One need not to bother for the stocks price that fall&rise's. The Market price movements is not going to change the fate of that particular company or the company will not shut down tomorrow and run away with your money. The Tata's,Birla's are successfully running their companies many decades.Infact there are many indian companies running more than 100 years successfully.The market price is not going to restrict the growing companies.The investors need to invest and wait for the yield to harvest.

One need to analyse the business and its future market potential/Growth.When the business or the products demand rises, that enhance the growth(profits) of the company.By and by, the particular company grow stronger year after year, that will be refelected in their balance sheet.The investors need to give much attention to this study of the business model& its cycles.Not just alone the share price movements, that go's up and comes down. Once, you are diligent in this study, you can have better understanding when to buy/when to sell. This understanding will give you 'Massive returns for your small investment'.

The Moral here is-
"Watch Out The Business Growth; Not The Stock Price".

That's why, Investor's like Warren Buffet says- 'Buy The Business;Not Stocks'


Will the stock price double in short term, if i buy today?

There are many people who come new to stock market used to have a pre-idea about stock market is, yet another casino. One can gamble...if luck prevails one can double his money over night!!.

I just warn, people who has this type of thinking pattern. Because they are the one who make loss in stock market.They are under the holds of 'Greed'. The greed is the first enemy of any investor's.

I have one question for the people who expect their investments gets double in less time?

If you plant a seed , Can you expect it growth and the yield of the fruits in over-night or short while?

or ' You dig the ground every now and then and take out the seed to measure its growth'?

Just imagine, if one start setting up a new plant for manufacturing a consumer goods, how long will it take to establish for manufacturing,marketing and acquiring business? or

Setting up a steel plant and start producing the steel and seeing the company's growth can it happen overnight?

How much time it will take to establish a business set up to take out profits?

For Eg:-

Can A New Mobile Company Acquire 1 crore coustomers over night?

No.It takes time to establish brand names,marketing to the target potential customers and achiving its desired business target. it takes years. It will not happen over night.The stock business is not a Lottery ticket that will give you instant 'JackPot' by its lucky draw.

Think about it.
The Investors need to see the future growth of the particular industry/company participation and its management team , the business model etc.

"The stock market is a serious long-term business,
not a make-money-overnight casino."

it really takes much time right from the plant erection, production and acquiring customers and making profit!. So the point here is, the investors need to have patience to see the business growth, allow it to the business grow stronger the stock value will grow stronger. Day by day, soon or latter the stock will become a true 'MULTIBAGGER'